5  Transit time



5.2 Description

This metric is the ratio between the total flight hours controlled and the IFR flights controlled, where:

  • Total IFR flight-hours controlled is the sum of the flight-hours controlled over the year by the ANSP. For a given flight the flight-hours controlled are computed using information available in the Network Manager database as the difference between the exit time and the entry time in the controlled airspace

  • • IFR movements controlled is the number of flights that have been controlled over the year by the ANSP

In Figure 5.1, the range of transit time values for the vast majority of ANSPs in Europe can be observed (Note: the scope is limited to the 38 ANSPs reporting to the Performance Review Commission). The European average in terms of flight time is 31 minutes per ANSP. A difference of 49 minutes between the highest (DHMI Türkiye) and the lowest (M-NAV North Macedonia) transit time can also be observed – this represents a ratio of almost 6 or a Standard Deviation of around 12.

Figure 5.1: Average transit time per country in 2019. Source: EUROCONTROL

5.3 When to use the input?

This input is recommended for those projects where the flying time in a giver country or a set of countries is key to the assessment. As an example, it has previously been used for several CNS related studies, in particular when studying the cost of communication services that depend on connection times.


The data was recorded by the Network Manager (NM) for the 38 ANSPs that were part of the ACE Report in 2019 [2]. For a few ANSPs, the data reported show slight differences with the NM records, as ANSPs tend to communicate their own traffic data. The differences are explained by the different counting methodology in IFR airport movements for training flights.

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