38  Taxiing time



38.2 Other possible sources

EUROCONTROL CODA Taxi times - Summer and Winter reports [2] show, by airport, seasonal taxi time statistics for the IATA winter season and the IATA summer season:

  • Taxi-in times

  • Taxi-out times

  • Taxi-out times by wake turbulence category

These taxi times are calculated using the airline reported actual off-block time, actual take-off time, actual landing time and actual in-block time, providing the aviation community with seasonal benchmark values.

Furthermore for additional granularity, taxi-out times by wake turbulence category are also offered for a number of airports.

38.4 References

EUROCONTROL, “Performance Review Report (PRR) 2021,” 2022 [Online]. Available: https://www.eurocontrol.int/publication/performance-review-report-prr-2021. [Accessed: Sep. 03, 2023]
EUROCONTROL CODA, “Taxi times - Summer and Winter reports” [Online]. Available: https://www.eurocontrol.int/search?keywords=Taxi+times&sort_by=search_api_relevance

  1. The unimpeded taxi-out time is the taxi-out time in non-congested conditions at airports↩︎