The economics dashboards page provides an overview of the economic aspects of pan-European ANS performance through four distinct sets of dashboards:

  • The ACE dashboard comprising information and analysis on cost-effectiveness performance of pan-European air navigation service providers (ANSPs) based on the methodology and framework developed in the ATM Cost-effectiveness Benchmarking reports.

  • The Unit rates and costs dashboard comprising actual and historical information on the en-route unit rates and en-route ANS costs in the EUROCONTROL route charges system as well as information on terminal unit rates for the States, which have established terminal charging zones in line with Regulation (EU) 2019/317.

  • The Total en-route service unit dashboard presents different views of the monthly and annual evolution of total en-route service units (TSUs) and their components for EUROCONTROL States, which have joined the EUROCONTROL route charges system.

  • The dashboard monitoring the impact of COVID-19 on en-route service units and revenues is accessible through the link on the right-hand side. The En-route revenues dashboard provides a view of the monthly evolution of actual en-route service units in 2020 compared to projections and historic data. It also presents estimates of the gains/losses in en-route revenues, arising from the sharp reduction in service units, which will have to be shared between Airspace Users and States/ANSPs.

  • Finally, the ANSPs Financial Dashboard presents financial information and indicators for European ANSPs, and contains interactive features that allow for comparisons over time. All information presented is publicly available, collected from ANSPs’ most recent financial statements.