20  IFR flight information per market segment



20.2 Description

The calculations were made on the basis of:

  • 2019 full year total distance and ECAC distance flown, extracted from data collected by the Network Manager, not including overflights

  • the EUROCONTROL Small Emitters Tool (SET) approved by the European Commission by Commission Regulation (EU) No 606/2010

  • use of the latest version of the BADA [1] tabulated model 4 and AEM (Advanced Emission Model)

  • fuel burn figures, not taking into account the reduction in the aircraft’s weight in fuel during the flight

20.4 References

EUROCONTROL, “Base of aircraft data (BADA).” [Online]. Available: https://www.eurocontrol.int/model/bada

  1. Rules for the EUROCONTROL classification of low-cost, all-cargo and business aviation types of flights↩︎