28  Fleet CNS capability



28.2 Description

The CNS dashboard provides information for monitoring fleet capabilities and preparing performance-based navigation (PBN) deployment plans. It does so by analysing CNS and PBN information contained in ICAO flight plans, and generates reports on aircraft or flight characteristics. Note that the capability of aircraft which do not submit flight plans is not covered in the above figures. The missing information to a large extent for general aviation (GA) flights.

The tool provides statistics on equipment and capability such as:

  • Communication: FMC WPR ACARS, HF RTF; CPDLC FANS 1/A HFDL; etc.

  • Navigation: RNAV 5, RNAV 1, RNP 1, RNP APCH (including LPV capability), GBAS, etc.

  • Surveillance: ADS-B, ADS-C, Mode S transponder, etc.

Different periods of time, airports, airlines or aircraft types (depending on the user profile) can be analysed.

To access the dashboard, you first need to register on the OneSky Online portal using the link in the source above.


The numbers of flights and aircraft provided by the CNS dashboard are derived from flight plans submitted to the EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM). Consequently, the statistics do not include the capability of aircraft flying in uncontrolled airspace or under VFR and thus do not submit flight plans to the NM.

On-board capability and equipment data made available via the CNS dashboard are those declared in ICAO FPLs by operators. The information is therefore only as reliable as declared. For detailed analysis, additional local assessment is recommended.

28.5 References

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