30  Route charge share per market segment



30.2 Description

On behalf of EUROCONTROL Member States, CRCO bills and collects route charges, which fund air navigation facilities and services and support air traffic management developments. It also bills and collects, on a bilateral basis, terminal charges and air navigation charges on behalf of non-Member States, as well as communication charges in the Shanwick area.

Each aircraft operator receives a single bill per month in euros, no matter how many EUROCONTROL Member States were overflown. The billing and recovery of air navigation charges ensure that air navigation facilities and services are steadily financed and safely operated, paving the way for the future evolution of the pan-European air traffic management (ATM) system in the context of the Single European Sky and the European ATM Master Plan (SESAR).

Information on the various different charges levied by the CRCO, in particular the charge calculation methods, the basic billing documents, the methods of payment and the submission of claims, is contained in the Customer Guide to Charges.

  1. There are different sorts of air navigation charges, namely route charges, terminal navigation charges and communication charges. The above distribution relates to route charges only↩︎

  2. Rules for EUROCONTROL classification of low-cost, all-cargo and business aviation types of flights↩︎