29  En-route ANS costs



29.2 Description

The En-route ANS costs per TSU in Table 29.1 are calculated as the ratio between the Total en-route ANS costs and Total en-route service units.


Please note the difference between Total Service Units (TSU) and Terminal Service Units (TNSU).


The Unit Rate of Charge is the charge in euro applied by a Charging Zone to a flight operated by an aircraft of 50 metric tonnes (weight factor of 1.00) and flying 100 kilometres (distance factor of 1.00) in the charge area of that State.

The Total en-route ANS costs values in Table 29.1 are actual values. Often these can also be presented as ‘determined’ (a projection in the future) costs. This is typically the case when en-route ANS costs are forecasted for a reference period of five years are costs pre determined by the SES States as referred to in Article 15(2)(a) of Regulation (EC) No 550/2004[2] for providing air navigation services.

The Total en-route Service Units, which are used for the calculation of route charges that airspace users are billed for the costs of air navigation services received. En-route service units of a specific flight are equal to the product of the Distance Factor (the distance flown expressed in 100 kilometres) by the Aircraft Weight Factor square root of the Maximum Take Off Weight of the aircraft which performed the flight (expressed in 50 tonnes).


Further information on calculating unit rates can be found on customer guide to charges website

29.3 Other possible sources

Other source could be the EUROCONTROL Central Route Charges Office. At the time of writing, the most recent published version is the 2021 Report on the Operation of the Route Charges System.[3] Please, check regularly the CRCO full list of reports on the operation of the route charges system for the latest information.

The CRCO calculates route charges using flight messages sent by the Contracting States’ Route Charges Offices (CRCOs) and additional flight information made available via the EUROCONTROL Network Management Directorate (NMD). The CRCO bills aircraft operators on a monthly basis, collects charges and disburses the amounts collected to the States every week.


Terminal ANS costs and ANSP gate to gate economic performance are described separately in chapter 6 of the EUROCONTROL Performance Review Report[1].

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