Standard Inputs for Cost-Benefit Analysis

The Standard Inputs document provides a set of standard inputs for data commonly used in economic and financial ATM-related analyses and appraisals. The standard inputs can save time in the development, for example, of cost-benefit analyses (CBAs) and economic impact assessments and will also help achieve greater consistency and comparability between different CBAs.

The standard inputs have been compiled from EUROCONTROL data and intelligence, from values provided by airspace users, ANSPs, airports, IATA, EASA and other organisations, and from other relevant documents which are publicly available.

They are average values and may not be appropriate in all circumstances. The document also gives details of the sources of information, and discusses the applicability and use of the values.

What’s new in this edition

This edition of Standard Inputs is the first time that the document in published online in a web page format with the view to facilitate its continuous updates and dynamism.

In the current version only a selection of values have been updated with latest data (i.e. Air traffic delay, Air traffic statistics and forecasts, Average number of passengers and Number of IFR flights), while the remaining ones can still be accessed in the previous editions. On top of this, two new values have been added: Proportion of Sustainable Aviation Fuel and Shadow cost of carbon.

Click here to go the the latest Standard Inputs document, or visit the EUROCONTROL library to consult previous editions.

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