Airport portfolio

AIU airport performance dashboard
AIU airport performance dashboard

Consolidated monthly overview of operational performance at European airports across a wide spectrum of indicators

Daily traffic @ airports
Daily traffic @ airports

Monitor the daily traffic variation @ major European airports since the start of the COVID-19 crisis

Level of grounded aircraft at airports
Grounded aircraft @ airports

See how many aircraft are presently grounded at airports as a result of COVID-19

ATFM arrival delays @ airports
ATFM delays @ airports

Analyse the airport ATFM arrival delays @ airports

Vertical flight efficiency @ airports
CCO/CDO @ airports

Explore the vertical flight efficiency during climb (CCO) and descent (CDO)

ASMA additional time @ airports
Additional ASMA time @ airports

Find out about the efficiency in the Arrival Sequencing and Metering Area (ASMA)

Taxi-out additional time @ airports
Additional taxi-out time @ airports

See the taxi-out efficiency at airports

Taxi-time planning values
Taxi-time planning values

Taxi time planning values, by IATA season for airline schedulers

MIRROR - Operational decision support tool
MIRROR - Operational decision support tool

Check out the innovative tool that helps stakeholders predict and mitigate delays

EUROCONTROL airport corner
EUROCONTROL airport corner

Get information on airport infrastructure and ongoing and planned activities

Airport network integration
EUROCONTROL airport network integration

Learn how EUROCONTROL helps to better integrate airports in the ATM network