Airport portfolio

AIU airport performance dashboard
AIU airport performance dashboard

Consolidated monthly overview of operational performance at European airports across a wide spectrum of indicators

Daily traffic @ airports
Daily traffic @ airports

Monitor the daily traffic variation @ major European airports since the start of the COVID-19 crisis

Level of grounded aircraft at airports
Grounded aircraft @ airports

See how many aircraft are presently grounded at airports as a result of COVID-19

Airport network integration
EUROCONTROL airport network integration

Learn how EUROCONTROL helps to better integrate airports in the ATM network

ATFM arrival delays @ airports
ATFM delays @ airports

Analyse the airport ATFM arrival delays @ airports

Vertical flight efficiency @ airports
CCO/CDO @ airports

Explore the vertical flight efficiency during climb (CCO) and descent (CDO)

ASMA additional time @ airports
Additional ASMA time @ airports

Find out about the efficiency in the Arrival Sequencing and Metering Area (ASMA)

Taxi-out additional time @ airports
Additional taxi-out time @ airports

See the taxi-out efficiency at airports

EUROCONTROL airport corner
EUROCONTROL airport corner

Get information on airport infrastructure and ongoing and planned activities