Oct 28Airport Capacity Imbalance Study
Published: 28 October 2020 Available runways at a given airport, together with their relative disposition, length, navigational aids, environmental constraints and local meteorological conditions (wind rouse, visibility,…) can result in very different operating conditions, with a direct impact on the capacity of the airport and the operational performance.
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  Oct 13PRC workshop - En-route capacity
Rationale and background The EUROCONTROL Performance Review Commission (PRC) closely monitors the crisis in the industry caused by COVID19 on the Aviation Intelligence Portal and fully understands that traffic is unlikely to experience capacity problems over the next year or two.
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  Jun 29PRC workshop - Future Challenges to Safety
Rationale and background The primary goal of the ATM system is to control safety risks, although in practice developments are often dominated by changes made to improve capacity, efficiency and cost of the system.
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