Taxi-Out Additional Time Dataset (old)

Data description

The additional taxi-out time is a proxy for the average departure runway queuing time on the outbound traffic flow during congestion periods at airports.

It is the difference between the actual taxi-out time of a flight and a statistically determined unimpeded taxi-out time based on taxi-out times in periods of low traffic demand.

When monitoring taxi-out performance at airports, it is important to note that the goal is not to reduce taxi time to the unimpeded reference time - as this could negatively impact on runway throughput - but rather to reduce additional taxi-out time and associated fuel burn to the necessary minimum.

Column naming and types

Column name Data source Label Column description Example
YEAR Network Manager YEAR Reference year 2014
MONTH_NUM Network Manager MONTH_NUM Month (numeric) 1
MONTH_MON Network Manager MONTH_MON Month (3-letter code) JAN
APT_ICAO Network Manager APT_ICAO ICAO 4-letter airport designator EBBR
APT_NAME PRU APT_NAME Airport name Brussels
STATE_NAME PRU STATE_NAME State in which the airport is located Belgium
FLT_TXO_UNIMP_2 NM/airport FLT_TXO_UNIMP_2 IFR flights with unimpeded reference time 7290
TIME_TXO_UNIMP_2 NM/airport TIME_TXO_UNIMP_2 Total unimpeded reference taxi-out time in minutes 60081
TIME_TXO_ADD_2 NM/airport TIME_TXO_ADD_2 Total additional taxi-out time in minutes 15175

Calculated Field(s)

\[ \begin{align*} \text{Average unimpeded taxi-out time} & = \frac{\text{TIME_TXO_UNIMP_2}}{\text{FLT_TXO_UNIMP_2}} \\ \text{Average additional taxi-out time} & = \frac{\text{TIME_TXO_ADD_2}}{\text{FLT_TXO_UNIMP_2}} \end{align*} \]