CO₂ emissions by State

Data source

The data is supplied by the EUROCONTROL Aviation Sustainability Unit.

Data description

The CO2 emissions were calculated with the EUROCONTROL Small Emitters Tool (SET), which enables to estimate the fuel burn and associated CO2 emissions for an entire flight. Hence, the results reflect total CO2 emissions from controlled flights rather than ANSP/ATM performance.

The total CO2 emissions for each State were calculated based on departing IFR flights billed by the EUROCONTROL Route Charges Office, aircraft type and actual flown distance (full trajectory from origin to destination).

For instance, the total CO2 emissions for the full trajectory of a flight from Brussels to New York would be included in the results for Belgium. A flight from New York to Brussels would however NOT be included in the results for Belgium.

Column naming and types

Column name Description Example Note
YEAR Year 2019
MONTH Month 1
STATE_NAME State Name ALBANIA For Excel, see META sheet for presence of *
CO2_QTY_TONNES CO2 Qty (for that state) 8318.42
TF traffic (for that state) 821

Certain States’ emissions have been aggregated specially:

  • for the Excel file the STATE_NAME is marked with a ’*’ and the relevant info can be found in the META sheet.
  • for CSV files an extra column NOTE has been added to note the special treatment (TRUE)
    • UNITED KINGDOM includes emissions for JERSEY, GUERNESEY, ISLE OF MAN
    • CYPRUS includes emissions for UK Sovereign Military bases on the island.
    • NORWAY includes emissions for Jan Mayen and Slavbarden.
    • DANEMARK includes emissions for FAROE ISLANDS.
    • PORTUGAL includes emissions for Azores and Madeira.
    • SPAIN does NOT included emissions for Canary Islands which are under ‘CANARY ISLANDS’.
    • FRANCE emissions do NOT include those for French overseas territories.