Continuous climb and descent Dataset

Data description

This data provides the results of the analysis of vertical flight profiles during climb and descent at airports. The methodology is desto measure and observe vertical flight efficiency without highlighting specific reasons for the observed behaviour. More detailed case studies are needed to find out reasons for particular observations.


The methodology being applied for the characterisation of CCO/CDO is described in the relevant methodology page .

Column naming and types

Column name Data source Label Column description Example
YEAR Network Manager YEAR Reference year 2014
MONTH_NUM Network Manager MONTH Month (numeric) 1
MONTH_MON Network Manager MONTH_MON Month (3-letter code) JAN
Airport Network Manager Airport ICAO 4-letter airport designator EBBR
APT_NAME PRU APT_NAME Airport name Brussels
STATE_NAME PRU STATE_NAME Name of the country in which the airport is located Belgium
NBR_FLIGHTS PRU NBR_FLIGHTS Number of flights 4523
AVG_DIST_LEVEL_NM PRU AVG_DIST_LEVEL_NM Average distance flown level per flight in Nautical miles 2.6
AVG_TIME_LEVEL_SECONDS PRU AVG_TIME_LEVEL_SECONDS Average time flown level per flight in seconds 1.4
MEDIAN_CDO_ALT PRU MEDIAN_CDO_ALT Median CDO altitude in feet 7290
PERC_CDO_FLIGHTS PRU PERC_CDO_FLIGHTS Percentage of flights that are considered CDO (and don’t have any considered level flight) 75.6%
MEDIAN_CCO_ALT PRU MEDIAN_CCO_ALT Median CCO altitude in feet 7290
PERC_CCO_FLIGHTS PRU PERC_CCO_FLIGHTS Percentage of flights that are considered CCO (and don’t have any considered level flight) 75.6%