ATFM Slot Adherence Dataset

Data description

ATFM departure slots are allocated centrally by the European Network Manager upon the request of the local Flow Management Position (FMP ), when an imbalance between demand and capacity is foreseen at airports and/or en-route. The purpose of such regulation is to hold aircraft on the ground.

An ATFM slot tolerance window is available to ATC to sequence departures. The standard slot tolerance window is [-5 minutes, +10 minutes]. ATC at the departure airport has a joint responsibility with aircraft operators to ensure that flights departure within the allocated ATFM slot tolerance window in order to optimise traffic flow. ATFM departure slot adherence, simply named ATFM slot adherence hereafter, measures the share of take-offs inside the slot tolerance window of [-5 minutes, +10 minutes].

ATFM slot adherence monitoring is a pre-requisite to fine tune traffic predictions at the departure, en-route airspace and at the destination airports. The higher the number of regulated departing aircraft inside the assigned ATFM standard window, the more accurate the predicted traffic and associated down-stream ATFM measures.

Column naming and types

Column nameData sourceLabelColumn descriptionExample
YEARNetwork ManagerYEARReference year2015
MONTH_NUMNetwork ManagerMONTH_NUMMonth (numeric)5
MONTH_MONNetwork ManagerMONTH_MONMonth (3-letter code)MAY
FLT_DATENetwork ManagerFLT_DATEDate of flight5-Jan-2014
APT_ICAONetwork ManagerAPT_ICAOICAO 4-letter airport designatorLFPG
APT_NAMEPRUAPT_NAMEAirport nameParis/ Charles de Gaulle
STATE_NAMEPRUSTATE_NAMEName of the State in which the airport is locatedFrance
FLT_DEP_1Network ManagerIFR departuresNumber of IFR departures (based on activated flight plans submitted to NM)670
FLT_DEP_REG_1Network ManagerRegulated departuresActivated Regulated Traffic155
FLT_DEP_OUT_EARLY_1Network ManagerRegulated departures (early)Regulated departures before the slot tolerance window (Early Take-Off Traffic)7
FLT_DEP_IN_1Network ManagerRegulated departures (within departure window)Regulated departures within the slot tolerance window [-5 minutes, +10 minutes]140
FLT_DEP_OUT_LATE_1Network ManagerRegulated departures (late)Regulated departures after the slot tolerance window (Late Take-Off Traffic)8