ASMA Additional Time Dataset (old)

Data description

The additional ASMA time is a proxy for the average arrival runway queuing time on the inbound traffic flow, during congestion periods at airports.

It is the difference between the actual ASMA time of a flight and a statistically determined unimpeded ASMA time based on ASMA times in periods of low traffic demand.

When monitoring ASMA performance at airports, it is important to note that the goal is not to reduce ASMA time to the unimpeded reference time - as this could negatively impact on runway throughput - but rather to reduce additional ASMA time and associated fuel burnt to the necessary minimum.

Column naming and types

Column name Data source Label Column description Example
YEAR Network Manager YEAR Reference year 2014
MONTH_NUM Network Manager MONTH Month (numeric) 1
MONTH_MON Network Manager MONTH_MON Month (3-letter code) JAN
APT_ICAO PRU APT_ICAO ICAO 4-letter airport designator EBBR
APT_NAME PRU APT_NAME Airport name Brussels
STATE_NAME PRU STATE_NAME Country in which the airport is located Belgium
ASMA_RADIUS PRU ASMA_RADIUS The radius around the airport (in NM) used for the ASMA calculation 40
FLT_ASMA_UNIMP_2 NM_Airport IFR flights with unimpeded reference time 7290
TIME_ASMA_UNIMP_2 NM_Airport Total unimpeded reference ASMA time in minutes 60081
TIME_ASMA_ADD_2 NM_Airport Total additional ASMA time in minutes 15175

Calculated Field(s)

\[ \begin{align*} \text{Average additional ASMA time} & = \frac{\text{TIME_ASMA_ADD_2}}{\text{FLT_ASMA_UNIMP_2}} \end{align*} \]

\[ \begin{align*} \text{Average unimpeded ASMA time} & = \frac{\text{TIME_ASMA_UNIMP_2}}{\text{FLT_ASMA_UNIMP_2}} \end{align*} \]