All Pre-Departure Delay (all delay causes) Dataset

Data description

The average pre-departure delay per departure for all delay causes.

Column naming and types

Column name Data Source Label Description Example
YEAR Network Manager YEAR Reference year 2014
MONTH_NUM Network Manager MONTH_NUM Month (numeric) 01
MONTH_MON Network Manager MONTH_MON Month (3-letter code) JAN
FLT_DATE Network Manager FLT_DATE Date of flight 01-Jan-2014
APT_ICAO Network Manager APT_ICAO ICAO 4-letter airport designator EDDK
APT_NAME PRU APT_NAME Airport name Cologne-Bonn
STATE_NAME PRU STATE_NAME Name of the State in which the airport is located Germany
FLT_DEP_1 Network Manager IFR departures - (NM) Number of IFR departures from Network Manager 66
FLT_DEP_IFR_2 Airport Operator IFR departures - (APT) Number of IFR departures for which data was submitted by airport operators 66
DLY_All_PRE_2 Airport Operator All causes pre-departure delay (APT) Minutes of pre-departure delay (all causes) 0