Airport Traffic Dataset

Data description

The data provides the number of arrivals and departures from various data sources at the respective airports.

Column naming and types

Column nameData SourceLabelDescriptionExample
YEARNetwork ManagerYEARReference year2014
MONTH_NUMNetwork ManagerMONTHMonth (numeric)1
MONTH_MONNetwork ManagerMONTH_MONMonth (3-letter code)JAN
FLT_DATENetwork ManagerDATE_FLTDate of flight01-Jan-2014
APT_ICAONetwork ManagerAPT_ICAOICAO 4-letter airport designatorEDDM
STATE_NAMEPRUSTATE_NAMEName of the country in which the airport is locatedGermany
FLT_DEP_1Network ManagerDepartures - (NM)Number of IFR departures278
FLT_ARR_1Network ManagerIFR arrivals - (NM)Number of IFR arrivals241
FLT_TOT_1Network ManagerIFR flights (arr + dep) - (NM)Number total IFR movements519
FLT_DEP_IFR_2Airport OperatorIFR departures - (APT)Number of IFR departures278
FLT_ARR_IFR_2Airport OperatorIFR arrivals - (APT)Number of IFR arrivals241
FLT_TOT_IFR_2Airport OperatorIFR flights (arr + dep) - (APT)Number total IFR movements519