Report commissioned by the PRC - The performance of dynamic airspace management

In 2021, the Performance Review Commission committed to additional analyses of the potential efficiency and capacity gains from Civil-Military coordination under the Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA) concept.

Although civil military coordination and cooperation have improved notably over the years, bringing efficiency and capacity gains, previous PRC research suggested that there is still scope for further optimisation, particularly in terms of processes and information flows.

As part of this initiative, the PRC commissioned a study to measure the performance of dynamic airspace management. The study focuses on the systemic issues arising from the interfaces between civil and military stakeholders. The phrase ‘dynamic airspace management’ was used to broaden the concept of the Flexible Use of Airspace and focus on the dynamic aspects of the overall management.

The study carried out by Airspace Unlimited Scotland addresses the following:

  • A summary of stakeholder views on current airspace management processes and emerging requirements, identifying any bottlenecks in current practices;

  • A review of current and emerging requirements for civil and military stakeholders;

  • A review of airspace management monitoring measures and recommends potential new indicators to support a transition to dynamic airspace management;

  • A proposal for a high-level concept of operations for dynamic airspace management is presented; and,

  • Conclusions and recommendations.

Download the full report below to find out more.

Report commissioned by the PRC
The performance of dynamic airspace management


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