Consultation on new Taxi and ASMA methodology

Rationale and background

The additional taxi-out time and the additional Arrival Sequencing and Metering Area (ASMA) time are used in several performance schemes as proxies for operational inefficiencies associated with capacity issues and/or techniques used to maximise runway utilisation at airports.

However, the currently used methodologies are often perceived to be complex and difficult to reproduce and several stakeholders have suggested a revision of the existing methodologies.

To address this stakeholder feedback and to actively involve them in the process, the Performance Review Commission created a Working Group on Additional Times in September 2021 (More information on the work of the group is available in the download section below).

Taxi out times at airports

The objective was to develop a new approach for the measurement of inefficiencies in the TMA at airports and in the taxi-in and taxi-out phase on the ground. The new methodologies should:

• address the concerns regarding the existing indicators; • ensure easy reproducibility; and, • simplify and automate where possible.

The new approaches, as developed in the working group, were published for consultation between the 18th of November and the 17th of December 2022 to get feedback from all interested stakeholders.

The download section below contains the consultation material and the feedback received during the consultation process.

The new methodologies will be used for the calculation of these indicators as of March 2023 (for the analysis of January 2023 performance and applied retroactively to previous periods)