PRC Position Paper on the future challenges to Safety

In early 2020, safety experts were asked for their views on emerging safety challenges from the evolving ATM system. The objective was to collect a wide spectrum of expert views on future challenges to safety and how to identify and measure potential risks in a changing ATM environment.

Building on this initial exchange, the PRC held a Workshop on 29 June 2020 that deepened the discussion. The Workshop was a starting point in defining safety performance objectives/focus areas for the future ATM system. The Workshop itself served as a platform to collect intelligence about “what do we know” and “what is available”.

Ultimately, the goal is to develop a safety performance framework that would support the implementation of changes (new concepts, technologies, and processes) in the future ATM environment. It should be seen as a contribution to better understanding of the possible changes to the ATM system and their possible impact on safety.

The PRC Position Paper presents an attempt to summarize all intelligence received and to identify safety performance Focus Areas for the development of a future safety performance framework.

Download the full PRC position paper on the future challanges to safety