ATM Cost-Effectiveness (ACE) benchmarking

The ACE benchmarking project analyses the cost-effectiveness and productivity of 38 European Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) in Europe. It examines both individual ANSPs and the Pan-European ATM/CNS system as a whole.

The ACE interactive dashboard allows you to access the latest available data and analysis provided in the ACE Benchmarking Reports prepared by the EUROCONTROL Performance Review Unit.

ACE 2020 Highlights

Given the unprecedented drop in traffic, all the ACE indicators are massively impacted in 2020. This report therefore puts a special emphasis on the observed changes between 2019 and 2020 and the mitigation measures implemented by ANSPs. It also introduces new financial indicators in order to monitor the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on ANSPs financial situation.


(+119.9% vs 2019)

ATM/CNS provision costs per composite flight-hour


(+120% vs 2019)

Support costs per composite flight-hour


(+10.5% vs 2019)

ATCO employment costs per ATCO-hour


(-49.7% vs 2019)

ATCO-hour productivity

  • ANSPs gate-to-gate revenues fell by -54% as a result of an unprecedented traffic decrease in 2020 (-57%).

  • Cost containment measures were implemented and ATM/CNS provision costs fell by -€450M, mainly through reduced staff costs (-€314M) and lower cost of capital (-€101M).

  • Many ANSPs contracted new loans in order to respond to liquidity issues: short and long-term borrowings rose by +€2.5 billion (+136%).

  • Liquidity issues also resulted in the postponement of some capital expenditures, which were -28% lower than in 2019.

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