FAB - Functional Airspace Blocks

The FAB concept was developed in the 1st legislative package of the Single European Sky (SES I) as one of the main means for reducing airspace fragmentation. The 2nd legislative package (SES II) tackled the creation of FABs in terms of service provision, in addition to the airspace organisation issues.

The twofold objective of the legislative packagers is to optimise air traffic flows and increase the efficiency of air traffic services in Europe.

SES II lays down a definite commitment date for the Member States to improve performance by implementing FABs, i.e. 4 December 2012. Nine FAB initiatives have been taken:

Short nameNameCountries
NEFABNorth European FABEstonia, Finland, Latvia, Norway
Denmark-SwedenDenmark-SwedenDenmark, Sweden
FABECFAB Europe CentralFrance, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Switzerland
FABCEFAB Central EuropeCzech Republic, Slovak Republic, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
DANUBEDANUBEBulgaria, Romania
BLUE MEDBLUE MEDItaly, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, (and Egypt, Tunisia, Albania, Jordan as observers)
SW FABSouth West FABPortugal, Spain

For the details about the computation of delay at FAB level (i.e. the FIRs used), please refer to the relevant section in the En-route ATFM delays page part of the Datasets Definition section.

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