Composite flight-hour

The output measures for ANS provision are, for en‐route, the en‐route flight‐hours controlled and, for terminal ANS, the number of IFR airport movements controlled. In addition to those output metrics, it is important to consider a “gate‐to‐gate” perspective, because the boundaries used to allocate costs between en‐route and terminal ANS vary between ANSPs and might introduce a bias in the cost‐effectiveness analysis.

For this reason, an indicator combining the two separate output measures for en‐route and terminal ANS provision has been calculated. The “composite gate‐to‐gate flight‐hours” are determined by weighting the output measures by their respective average cost of the service for the whole Pan‐European system. This average weighting factor is based on the total monetary value of the outputs over the period 2002‐2012 and amounts to 0.27.