ATFM Delay Codes

The reason for the regulation is indicated by the responsible Flow Management Position FMP.

For post-ops analysis individual delay codes can be included in a ATFM delay group.

AirportCATC CapacityAD Capacity (ATC)Airport / TMA
AirportSATC StaffingAD Staffing (ATC)Airport / TMA
AirportIIndustrial Action (ATC)AD Disruptions (ATC)Airport / TMA
AirportTEquipment (ATC)AD Disruptions (ATC)Airport / TMA
AirportGAerodrome CapacityAD CapacityAirport / TMA
AirportMMilitary ActivityAD CapacityAirport / TMA
AirportRATC RouteingAD CapacityAirport / TMA
AirportVEnvironmental IssuesAD CapacityAirport / TMA
AirportAAccident/IncidentAD DisruptionsAirport / TMA
AirportEAerodrome ServicesAD DisruptionsAirport / TMA
AirportNIndustrial Action (non-ATC)AD DisruptionsAirport / TMA
AirportNANot regulated/Not specifiedAD DisruptionsAirport / TMA
AirportOOtherAD DisruptionsAirport / TMA
AirportPSpecial EventAD EventsAirport / TMA
AirportDDe-icingAD WeatherAirport / TMA
AirportWWeatherAD WeatherAirport / TMA
En routeCATC CapacityER Capacity (ATC)En route
En routeSATC StaffingER Staffing (ATC)En route
En routeIIndustrial Action (ATC)ER Disruptions (ATC)En route
En routeTEquipment (ATC)ER Disruptions (ATC)En route
En routeGAerodrome CapacityER CapacityEn route
En routeMMilitary ActivityER CapacityEn route
En routeRATC RouteingER CapacityEn route
En routeVEnvironmental IssuesER CapacityEn route
En routeAAccident/IncidentER DisruptionsEn route
En routeEAerodrome ServicesER DisruptionsEn route
En routeNIndustrial Action (non-ATC)ER DisruptionsEn route
En routeNANot regulated/Not specifiedER DisruptionsEn route
En routeOOtherER DisruptionsEn route
En routePSpecial EventER EventsEn route
En routeDDe-icingER WeatherEn route
En routeWWeatherER WeatherEn route
naNANot regulated/Not specifiedER DisruptionsEn route

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