ANSP portfolio

ANSP performance dashboard
ANSP operational performance dashboard

Monthly overview of operational ANSP performance across a wide spectrum of indicators

Daily traffic @ ACCs
Daily traffic @ state and ACC level

Monitor the daily traffic variation @ at State and ACC level since the start of the COVID-19 crisis

ACE Dashboard
ATM Cost-Effectiveness Dashboard

Analyse information and data on ANSP cost-effectiveness performance (2002-2020)

ANSPs Financial Dashboard
ANSP Financial Dashboard

Explore key financial information and indicators for European ANSPs

ATFM en-route delays
En-route ATFM delays

Analyse the en-route ATFM delays

Vertical flight efficiency @ airports

Explore the vertical flight efficiency during climb (CCO) and descent (CDO)

ASMA additional time @ airports
Additional ASMA time

Find out about the efficiency in the Arrival Sequencing and Metering Area (ASMA)

Taxi-out additional time @ airports
Additional taxi-out time

See the taxi-out efficiency at airports

MIRROR - Operational decision support tool
MIRROR - Operational decision support tool

Check out the new tool that helps stakeholders predict and mitigate delays