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Aerodrome Layout


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Daily Traffic Variation snapshot


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Annual Traffic

Monthly Traffic

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Annual Variation of Daily Movements

Average Weekday Hourly Throughput

ATFM Delay

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Annual Arrival ATFM Delay

Monthly Arrival ATFM Delay

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Daily Arrival ATFM Delay

Share of ATFM Delay


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Annual Regulated Departures

Monthly Regulated Departures

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Annual ATFM Slot Adherence

Monthly ATFM Slot Adherence


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Average time flown level per flight

Median CDO/CCO altitudes

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Share of CDO/CCO flights

Median CDO/CCO altitudes vs. Average time flown level per flight


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Annual ASMA Time

Monthly ASMA Time

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Taxi-Out Time

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Annual Taxi-Out Time

Monthly Taxi-Out Time

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Taxi-In Time

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Annual Taxi-In Time

Monthly Taxi-In Time

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Pre-Dep Delay

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Annual Pre-Departure Delay

Monthly Pre-Departure Delay

Row ———————————————————–

Annual Average ATC Pre-Departure Delay

Monthly Average ATC Pre-Departure Delay

Turnaround Times

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Annual Actual Turnaround Time

Monthly Turnaround Times

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Variation of Annual Actual Turnaround Times


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The PRU is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the performance of the Pan-European ANS system across a number of key performance areas. As part of the EUROCONTROL Agency, the PRU supports the independent Performance Review Commission (PRC) in running the EUROCONTROL Performance Review System and executing the associated PRC work programme with the appropriate level of independence. The PRU also provides support to the European Commission (EC) on the SES Performance and Charging Schemes. In performing its tasks, the PRU maintains transparent working arrangements with service providers, airspace user organisations and the industry. Although the PRU is independent, it is administratively reporting to the Directorate European Civil-Military Aviation (DECMA). For feedback or questions please contact us at: Performance Review Unit ().

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Data and Methodology

This dashboard is updated on a monthly basis.

IFR traffic data and ATFM delay related data is extracted from the Network Manager. CDO/CCO data are calculated by the Aviation Intelligence Unit of EUROCONTROL based on Network Manager data. All other airport related data is collected through the Airport Operator Data Flow (APDF). Under the APDF airports are required to report flight-by-flight data on a monthly basis. The data is reported during the month following the month of operations. Thus, typically, APDF data becomes available the 2nd month following the month of operation.

Data and metrics are shown based on availability at the moment of publication

  • Traffic data comprises all IFR flown flight plans for the airport (arrivals and departures) based on NM data.
  • ATFM delay data captures the arrival ATFM delay triggered by constraints at the airport based on NM data.
  • ATFM delays are grouped according to the regulation reason as described in https://ansperformance.eu/definition/atfm-delay-codes/
  • CDO/CCO performance is calculated by identifying level segments during the climb and descent. These level segments are considered to be inefficient. For more information please visit https://ansperformance.eu/efficiency/vfe/
  • Additional ASMA time measures the difference between an observed travel time elapsing from entering the 40NM radius around the airport to landing. This time is compared against a reference time to the respective entry sector, aircraft type, and landing runway. For more information please visit https://ansperformance.eu/methodology/additional-asma-time-pi/
  • In analogy, additional taxi-times are measured for the taxi-out and taxi-in phase. The observed taxi times are compared with a respective reference time. The reference time considers the parking position and runway used by the departure/arrival. For more information please visit https://ansperformance.eu/definition/additional-taxi-out-time/
  • Pre-departure delay is the delay in the off-block time with respect to the schedule time for departure. It provides for the airspace user reported delay reasoning in case of departures blocking off late. Delay codes have to be provided for delays >= 4 minutes. Most airports per se do not validate these delay codes, however, effort is underway to ensure appropriateness of the reported delay codes.Delay reasons are reported according to the IATA delay codes https://ansperformance.eu/library/iata-delay-codes.pdf Delay reported associated to code 89 is used for the calculation of the ATC pre-departure delay https://ansperformance.eu/definition/atc-pre-departure-delay/
  • Turnaround shows the time elapsing between an aircraft blocking in and blocking off for the next flight from the same parking stand on the same day and the sample is treated to filter out.