Datasets in CSV format

AIU provides CSV files for some of its data sets so as to make it possible to automate download and processing by interested parties.

The file names adhere to the following convention:

<dataset group>_<YYYY>.csv

The available data sets are:

Legacy CSVs

AIU provides some data sets in CSV format (compressed using bzip2).

These files will be migrated to pure CSV files with a new file name similar to the ones above.

The file name convention we adopted is as follows:

<dataset group>_<YYYY>.csv.bz2


<dataset group> = <dataset>_<group>

For example ert_dly_ansp_2012.csv.bz2 refers to en-rote delays data set with ANSP breakdown for year 2012.

The datasets made available are:

  • Airport Arrival ATFM Delays (from 2014): <dataset group>=apt_dly

    Name Size (bytes)
    apt_dly_2014.csv.bz2 372.3K
    apt_dly_2015.csv.bz2 381.3K
    apt_dly_2016.csv.bz2 392.9K
    apt_dly_2017.csv.bz2 398.8K
    apt_dly_2018.csv.bz2 401.8K
    apt_dly_2019.csv.bz2 404.0K
    apt_dly_2020.csv.bz2 321.2K
    apt_dly_2021.csv.bz2 347.3K
    apt_dly_2022.csv.bz2 381.9K
    apt_dly_2023.csv.bz2 126.5K
    apt_dly_2024.csv.bz2 65.4K
  • Daily en-route delays, <dataset>=ert_dly

    • ANSP group (see list of ANSP’s considered by PRU) (from 2008), <group>=ansp

      Name Size (bytes)
      ert_dly_ansp_2008.csv.bz2 101.8K
      ert_dly_ansp_2009.csv.bz2 91.2K
      ert_dly_ansp_2010.csv.bz2 97.9K
      ert_dly_ansp_2011.csv.bz2 91.8K
      ert_dly_ansp_2012.csv.bz2 94.7K
      ert_dly_ansp_2013.csv.bz2 93.2K
      ert_dly_ansp_2014.csv.bz2 93.8K
      ert_dly_ansp_2015.csv.bz2 94.0K
      ert_dly_ansp_2016.csv.bz2 96.9K
      ert_dly_ansp_2017.csv.bz2 100.2K
      ert_dly_ansp_2018.csv.bz2 112.3K
      ert_dly_ansp_2019.csv.bz2 114.1K
      ert_dly_ansp_2020.csv.bz2 67.5K
      ert_dly_ansp_2021.csv.bz2 73.7K
      ert_dly_ansp_2022.csv.bz2 106.8K
      ert_dly_ansp_2023.csv.bz2 111.5K
      ert_dly_ansp_2024.csv.bz2 14.4K
    • Country FIR group (from 2013), <group>=fir

      Name Size (bytes)
      ert_dly_fir_2013.csv.bz2 90.0K
      ert_dly_fir_2014.csv.bz2 89.7K
      ert_dly_fir_2015.csv.bz2 127.7K
      ert_dly_fir_2016.csv.bz2 132.7K
      ert_dly_fir_2017.csv.bz2 137.2K
      ert_dly_fir_2018.csv.bz2 157.2K
      ert_dly_fir_2019.csv.bz2 156.5K
      ert_dly_fir_2020.csv.bz2 89.4K
      ert_dly_fir_2021.csv.bz2 97.3K
      ert_dly_fir_2022.csv.bz2 147.9K
      ert_dly_fir_2023.csv.bz2 41.3K
      ert_dly_fir_2024.csv.bz2 19.1K
  • Horizontal Flight Efficiency (from 2014), <dataset group>=hfe

    Name Size (bytes)
    hfe_2014.csv.bz2 532K
    hfe_2015.csv.bz2 531K
    hfe_2016.csv.bz2 803K
    hfe_2017.csv.bz2 803K
    hfe_2018.csv.bz2 788K
    hfe_2019.csv.bz2 802K
    hfe_2020.csv.bz2 773K
    hfe_2021.csv.bz2 783K
    hfe_2022.csv.bz2 802K
    hfe_2023.csv.bz2 805K
    hfe_2024.csv.bz2 131K