COVID-19 - Impact on en-route revenues and service units

This page provides a view on the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the en-route (total) service units (TSUs) and anticipated revenue from en-route charges.

The geographical scope of the analysis is the EUROCONTROL Member States which are part of the Multilateral Agreement relating to Route Charges and on behalf of which the Central Route Charges Office of EUROCONTROL (CRCO) collects en-route charges.

The analysis includes 39 States (all EUROCONTROL Member States except Monaco and Ukraine), referred to as CRCO Area in this analysis. The view is broken down in 39 individual en-route charging zones1.

More details on the methodology are available in the “Methodological Note” below.

Please note that the analysis may take a few moments to load. The dashboard is best viewed in Chrome or Firefox.

  1. Note that in the Route Charges system, two en-route charging zones include more than one State (Belgium-Luxembourg and Serbia-Montenegro). Similarly, there are two charging zones for Spain (Spain Continental and Spain Canarias) and Portugal (Portugal Continental, subject to SES Regulations, and Portugal Santa Maria, not subject to SES Regulations).↩︎