COVID-19 - Grounded aircraft in the EUROCONTROL area

The drastic reduction in traffic has forced many aircraft operators to withdraw from service a significant part of their fleet, be it temporarily or permanently.
The analysis of these massive groundings of aircraft across Europe in the dashboard below provides another perspective on the magnitude of the impact on the airline sector, with more than 5000 aircraft grounded in Europe since mid-February.

The timeline shows how the majority of the groundings took place in the second and third week of March, with a decrease of the daily groundings at the end of March. More than 3000 narrow bodies, 500 wide bodies and almost 200 very large aircraft are within these grounded aircraft.

The interactive dashboard below enables an analysis by state, airport or aircraft operator.

Please note that the analysis may take a few moments to load. The dashboard is best viewed in Chrome or Firefox.

Last data update: 15. May 2020

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