Airport arrival air traffic flow management (ATFM) delays

Airport operations depend upon a number of factors which all affect airport and runway capacity to some degree. In addition to physical constraints, such as airport layout, there are “strategic” factors such as airport scheduling and “tactical” factors which include, inter alia, the sequencing of aircraft and the sustainability of throughput during specific weather conditions.

ANS-related inefficiencies on the arrival flow are measured in terms of arrival ATFM delays and additional time in the arrival sequencing and metering area (ASMA time). Whereas ATFM delays have an impact in terms of delay on the ground, additional ASMA time (airborne holdings) has also a direct impact in terms of fuel burn and emissions.

The interactive dashboard below enables an analysis of airport arrival ATFM delays by delay cause as attributed by the local Flow Management Position (FMP) in the EUROCONTROL area. The underlying data is available for download in the data section.

Airport ATFM delays

Please note that the analysis may take a few moments to load. The dashboard is best viewed in Chrome or Firefox.