José Miguel de Pablo joined the PRC in 2023 as the focal point for ANSP/Management.

José Miguel de Pablo has been working as executive director at CRIDA A.I.E. (ATM Research and Development) since its creation. Before becoming executive director, he acquired experience in both air navigation service providers (ANSP), at ENAIRE, and in the industry at Indra. In parallel, he has been a regular lecturer for Air Navigation, Analysis, Simulation and Performance matters at the Technical University of Madrid.

He plays management and technical roles in various fora, including all phases of SESAR, various Framework Programs, ENAIRE strategic plans, and a large number of research projects at national and European level. Other relevant memberships include being a long-standing participant of the ACARE General Assembly (representing CANSO), USA/Europe ATM R&D Seminar Committee, EUROCONTROL operational and strategic working groups, EUROCAE, EATRADA, ASDA, and participation in national/regional government and professional bodies.