Release Notes

News Release notes

Data updates up to June 2017.

The following changes have been delivered in this release:

  1. Update: The data download files have been updated up to June 2017 (when applicable).
  2. Update: The [Performance Review Commission (PRC) quarterly online review - Jan-Jun 2017] prcq is now available.
  3. Just printed: Printed copies of the PRR 2016 are now available. Copies can be obtained by completing the online order form .
  4. Just published: The study on the Acceptable Level of Safety Performance (ALoSP) implementation in EUROCONTROL Member States has just been published.
    The ALoSP survey and analysis study provides a comprehensive understanding of the ALoSP concept and its current implementation status in EUROCONTROL Member States in terms of the concept definition, scope, and implementation challenges.