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Aviation Intelligence Portal

This portal is provided by the Performance Review Unit (PRU) which is part of EUROCONTROL’s Aviation Intelligence Unit (AIU).

In support of the independent work of the Performance Review Commission (PRC) this portal aims to:

  • ensure that all stakeholders in all EUROCONTROL States have high quality information on ANS performance available in a transparent, accurate, complete and unbiased manner;
  • stimulate an informed dialogue between all stakeholders for the benefit of the entire aviation network; and,
  • further develop the ANS performance analysis framework and the understanding of key ANS performance issues.

For feedback or questions please contact us at: Performance Review Unit

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IFR flight and service unit evolution and forecast

Capacity & Delays

En-route and airport ATFM delays

Efficiency & Environment
Efficiency & Environment

Flight efficiency affecting fuel burn and emissions


Analysis of ANS cost-efficiency