Period Area Update rate Last update Source(s) Data
Jan-Sep ECAC area Quarterly 22-Oct-2018 NM, CRCO, STATFOR

Average daily controlled flights

ECAC area

Average daily en-route Service Units (SU)

CRCO area

Between January and September, the number of flights in the (ECAC) area increased by 3.4% which corresponds to an additional 986 flights per day on average.
Average daily en-route service units continued to grow at a higher rate (+6.6%) than flights in Q1-3 2018.

Change by flight type

2018 (Jan-Sep) vs. 2017 (Jan-Sep)

Change by traffic segment

2018 (Jan-Sep) vs. 2017 (Jan-Sep)
Pan-European traffic and flights to and from Europe continued to grow in the first nine months of 2018.

Traffic variation by ANSP

2018 (Jan-Sep) vs. 2017 (Jan-Sep)

All ANSPs showed an increase in traffic compared to 2017 (Jan-Sep). In absolute terms, DHMI (Turkey), ENAIRE (Spain), ENAV (Italy), DFS (Germany), and Bulatsa (Bulgaria) showed the highest growth in 2018 compared to the same period in 2017.

Traffic variation at the top 30 airports in terms of traffic

2018 (Jan-Sep) vs. 2017 (Jan-Sep)
Amsterdam remained the airport with the highest number of commercial movements in the EUROCONTROL area in 2018 (Jan-Sep).
With an increase of more than 100 additional daily flights, Frankfurt (FRA) showed the highest growth in absolute terms, followed by Antalya, Athens and Madrid.
Seven of the top 30 airports showed a decrease in traffic between January and September 2018 with Dusseldorf, Manchester and Stockholm reporting the most notable traffic reductions compared to the same period in 2017.