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Jan-Jun EUROCONTROL area Quarterly 13-Jul-2018 NM

En-route ATFM delay per flight


Total en-route delay by reported ATFM delay cause

Total en-route ATFM delays increased substantially in the first six months of 2018 (+141% vs. Jan-Jun 2017) leading to a notable increase in the average en-route ATFM delay per flight.

The main drivers of the substantial increase observed in the first two quarters of 2018 were en route ATFM regulations attributed to capacity, staffing and adverse weather. Compared to Q1-2 in 2017 there was also a significant increase in ATFM delays due to ATC industrial action in France.

Share of controlled flights delayed by en-route ATFM regulations (%)

Overall, 10.5% of the controlled flights in the EUROCONTROL area were affected by ATFM delays in the first two quarters of 2018. Compared to 2017 (Jan-Jun), the share of flights affected by en-route ATFM delays increased by 4.0 percent points to 7.9%.
At the same time, the share of flights affected by airport ATFM delays decreased slightly from 2.7% in 2017 to 2.6% in 2018 (Jan-Jun).

En-route ATFM delay by ANSP

2018 (Jan-Jun)

Average en-route delay per flight was highest in France (1.75 min), followed by DFS/Germany (1.5 min) and Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre/MUAC (0.88 min).

Horizontal en route flight efficiency in the first two quarters of 2018 remained at the level observed in 2017.