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Changes in economic cost-effectiveness (37 ANSPs)

The analysis shows the trend of the unit economic costs between 2011 and 2016 at Pan-European level for a consistent sample of 37 ANSPs for which data for a time-series analysis was available. The left-hand side shows the changes in unit economic costs, while the right-hand side provides complementary information on the year-on-year changes in ATM/CNS provision costs, composite flight-hours and unit costs of ATFM delays. The unit costs of gate-to-gate ATFM delays rose by +20.2% in 2016 (based on the old computation method) and unit economic costs were +0.8% higher than in 2015.
At Pan-European level, the economic cost-effectiveness indicator amounted to €488 per composite flight-hour in 2016, and, on average, ATFM delays represent 16% of the total economic costs.
In 2016 unit economic costs ranged from €924 for Belgocontrol to €209 for MATS; a factor of more than four.
More information on exchange rates variations and their impact on unit costs is provided in the ACE Benchmarking Reports.